Senica’s Oak Ridge Membership Options:

Member Single | Couple | Family
(40 & older) $1,000.00 | $1,250.00 | $1,500.00
(24-39) $700.00 | $900.00 | $1,100.00
(19-23) $600.00 | $800.00 | $1,000.00
Junior (14-18) $400.00
Youth (13 and Younger) $200.00
Corporate $6,000.00 (4 people includes cart)

➢ Cart Options:
Season Pass: Single-$700.00 Couple/Family-$900 Trail Fee- $500
Pay as you go: 9 holes $10.00 per round 18 holes $15.00 per round

➢ Range:
Member Annual Pass $150.00
Non Member Annual Pass $250.00
Small Bag $7.00
Large Bag $10.00

➢ Locker
Locker $100.00


● Unlimited golf anytime the course is open.
● Member Pricing on Driving Range Membership
● Preferred Tee Times
● Cart not included (Corporate exempt)

Junior Member

● Unlimited golf any time Monday thru Friday when the course is open.
● Unlimited golf after 12pm on Saturday and Sunday when the course is open.
● Member pricing on Driving Range membership
● Tee Time is required
● Cart not included

Youth Member

● Complimentary Driving Range Membership.
● Unlimited golf weekdays before 10am or after 4pm when the course is open.
● Unlimited golf on weekends after 12pm when the course is open.

For additional information please contact Culie Hawthorne-

Keep Your Golf Game & Competitive Spirit Warm Inside While It’s Cold Outside!

January 3rd – March 18th

$50 League

Each week:

$5 Optional Skins Game

$10 Simulator Fee


10 weeks long

You are responsible each week to set up an appointment to play (Mon-Fri).


1 to 1.5 hours for 2 player round

2 to 2.5 hours for 4 player round


Each week you will play 9 holes on a different course which will all be played at default settings w/ a 10 foot gimmie circle on the greens. You will earn points towards your 10 week total score based on a Match Play scoring system. Each hole is worth 1 point, if you win the hole, you gain a point, if you tie a hole, both players receive 1/2 point. Each match will have 15 possible points, 9 for the match itselv and 6 extra points for a WIN.

Tees played will be determined by your handicap for 9 holes. We will either have flights (0-5, 5-9, 9+) or just a handicap depending on sign-up numbers.

For more information or to sign up, contact Culie Hawthorn or call the Pro Shop: (815) 223-7273